Capacities «Tartcomvin» - up to 10 thousand tons of grape processing. Currently, the plant recycles 2-3 thousand tons of raw material per season.

   The facility is equipped with modern equipment, allowing the wine products, the quality corresponding to the international requirements and standards for this type of product.

   In winemaking, as in art, needed several components: creativity, constant search for new solutions and bold experiments. And it requires qualified personnel, modern equipment, advanced technology and, of course, high-quality wine materials.

Enterprise «Tartcomvin» annually produces 3 million tons of wine in stock.

  • Still wines, dry red ordinary;
  • Still wines dry white ordinary;
  • Still wines are dry pink ordinary;
  • Wine materials Grape special dessert red raw «Cahors» (Pastoral);
  • Shampanmaterial;

   A huge role in the production of high-quality products qualified specialists plays. Staff Team «Tartcomvin» consists of professional winemakers, many of whom worked in the wine industry at least 20 years.